The Sky Really Is Bigger Out Here.


It starts in one corner of your vision and spans your entire periphery. This sky brings drama of an epic nature, its mood changing with the wind. Beneath this umbrella of blue is a retreat where those with power tools or power suits feel equally at home. Perched on the spine of the Madison Mountain Range near Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort combines the rugged wild with civilized convenience.

Eloquent writers tend to create colorful descriptions for the skiing at Big Sky. They wax philosophic about "making happy, ballroom turns in sparkling powder," "white knuckles and black diamonds," and being able to "yo-yo the trail to your heart's content". But for the majority of visitors, the Big Sky skiing experience leaves them speechless.

Two mountains of blissful terrain please everyone from the power wedge to the fast and fearless. The ingredients are simple: massive acreage, the highest number of total vertical feet in the United States, and a lift network including high speed quads that makes skiers vanish onto nearly-private runs (minus the occasional moose). Blend in the marvels of Yellowstone National Park and you couldn't order a more perfect destination.

Above-tree-line skiing gives Big Sky a European flavor accentuated by the breathtaking tram to the summit of Lone Peak. Even the timid can enjoy the view from 11,166 feet and have the comfort of a round trip ride. The Tetons, Yellowstone Park, and over ten mountain ranges can be seen from this magnificent pyramid of glacial rock.

The statistics speak for themselves. Once you experience Big Sky, not only will your memories last you a lifetime, you'll expound the virtues of Big Sky to everyone you know!